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Range Hood CXW - 200 - A829
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A .Disassemble easily design The new generation of Eiffel filter screen adopts the design that Eiffel filter screen separate from annular oil cup, which avoid the trouble with user while installing filter screen and annular oil cup. It is very convenient both in disassembly and installation. B.Upgraded “double forceful core 5.0” The air flow rate can reach to 20m³/min within 0.9 seconds, how strong power! Upgraded“tornado”impeller , the maximum static pressure is up to 430Pa. C. Micro-nano electrophoresis technology New electrophoresis protection technology maintain long-term cleanness of inner cavity, which is provided with upgraded micro-nano de-oiling coating. D.Ultrasonic seam welding technology Three-dimensional seamless welding, quality is more outstanding. We build integrated perfect structure by ultrasonic seam welding technology, which can strengthen the system function and make the motor run stability and efficiently.

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