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Automatic Saving Manpowder Anti-attrition Drilling Burning Machine
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1.Size:804x560x1210(mm) 2.Power AC220V 1 50/60HZ 3. Contorl way SHIHLIN PLC contorl 4.Transmission mode TATUNG motor,drive control 5.Fuselage structure :The main production of high strength steel angle, collocation powder paint :First, the use of pre prepared items: 1.This machine is moved to the installation site immediately after the correction of body level, if there is a tilt spanner please adjust the height adjustment "feet", to the acceptable level; Adjust the direction: clockwise rotation of the body to rise; reverse the body down; 2.The ideal operating temperature of the machine is less than 36 degrees, the front and rear walls should be one meter long distance, in order to facilitate maintenance and repair. 3.After the machine is installed, please set the power supply according to the specifications of the machine.

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