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"Forest Dwelling" 41 Automobile Seat Cushion with Wooden Beads1
Product Specifications
Front row:41cm×44cm,Back row: 128cm×41cm
Seat Cushion
Brand Name
Forest Dwelling
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US $75.00 / >=100 Set
Minimum order quantity100 Set
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11-50 people
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60 Day(s)
Product description

"Forest Dwelling" Automobile Seat Cushion with Wooden Beads

It contains a three-piece set

Massage stimulation makes people tireless

Log, breathable, constant temperature, massage

"Forest Dwelling" Beaded Cross Knitting Technology

The logs are polished into rounded beads with uniform size

which makes the experience exquisite;

The workmen expertly pick up the wooden beads

string them together with thread and tighten slowly

connecting in crossing,

the four beads are formed a whole,

like this repeating it one time by one time,
leave no space for loosening

guarantee the same distance between every bead.

String a new mountain forest while fingers dancing in the air

which is breathing right under your body

People will feel tired after a long drive

Nerves will be on edge and the back will be stiff

In the course of a long drive

"Forest Dwelling" will give you the reliance from the mountain forest

Breathable and comfortable wooden beads can massage acupoints

The scent of wood wrapped with the breath of mountain forest

Draws the towering mountains into the journey

and accompanies you along the road

I. Introduction of Wooden Beads

Maple dwelling in the deep mountains

is polished into rounded beads 

Which undertakes the natural and gentle temperament of logs

and doesn't change with the temperature

With proper diameter and uniform size

Wooden beads perfectly fit various radian of human body

Gently massage each acupoint.

II. Craftwork configuration

Material: Bead made of raw maple. Silica gel. Ice-silk thread

Washing Instructions: wipe with the clean foam or wet cloth

Applicable season: for four seasons

Applicable model: for all five-seat automobiles

Product specification: Fit with front/rear seats

Graphics in the product: Use the already enumerated graphics. It can also be determined by negotiation with the buyer.

Skidproof substrate

Skidproof fastening: silica gel particles effectively prevent the wooden beads from sliding when people move

Seat Protecting: reduce and alleviate the traces left by the squeezed wooden beads and damage to the cushion


Acupoints of the Human Body

The wisdom crystallization of Chinese medicine with a long time history

is the node of human meridians that concerns human body health.


Introduction to "Forest Dwelling" Automobile Cushion (Long Sitting) Massage

Do you have such experience?

After long driving,

does your hip feel sore?

Do your legs become numb gradually?

Does your back become stiff ?

Which is caused by local obstructed blood circulation

changing a small detail in your life maybe

will make your driving experience take on a altogether new aspect.

"Forest Dwelling" automobile cushion with wooden beads will massage those affected acupoints.

Supply ability
2000 Set Per Set
Packaging and shipping
Lead time
10~30 Day
Packaging details
Registered fine packaging, cartons, enclosed with moisture-proof film.The size of cartons is 54cm * 46cm * 46cm, 0.115 cubic meters. Each carton is packed with 5 sets of this product.
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