DPK-78U7 KTV System for Processor/Speaker Accessories

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Product description

DPK-78U7 product features

●4 channel digital karaoke pre-amplifier
●96kHz sampliung rate、32-bitDSP processing、24-bit AD/DA convert
●MIC input with independent gain control., phase、limiter、noise gate、optional types low cut、9 band PEQ、exciter and optional 6 class feedback killer process module.
●MIC effect with master volume control, limiter;ECHO with 5 band PEQ, stereo and mono effect can be chosen, delay time, repeat can be adjusted separarely, REVER with pre delay, time, space, high cut, low cut, high cut parameter adjust, and dict sound effect processor.
●Music channel with master volume control, limiter, noise gate, optional types low cut, 5 band PEQ, exciter process. 2 stereo music input, manual switching mode can be chosen for VOD or BGM.
●4.0 channel output: Master output around, AUX output around
●Master output with independent volume control, mute, phase, compressor (parameter can be adjusted), left and right delay.
●Aux output with independent volume control, mute, phase, compressor ( parameter can be adjusted), 5 band PEQ and left & right delay.
●Three working mode for the device: power-off memory, power-off not memory, power-off not memory and the default parameter is U01 when every start. The three modes can be chosen for
different person in different condition.
●Beautiful and visual PC software window, all the functions operate on the PC software also can operate on the front panel. The panel and software with lock function, the panel with USB port,RS232 remote distance control port on the rear panel, made the system more safety and convenient.
●High-end LCD display, with infrared remote control function, one factory preset and 16 user preset, and there are several recommend effect parameter can be chosen, preset file can be save and recall, and the device data can upload and download.
●The device can be used in high end nightclub, dancing room, slow-roll bar, discount-style KTV, private club, multi-function hall and so on.
● Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz , -0.5dB
●S.N: >110dB
●T.H.D: <0.005% at 1kHz(0dBu)
●Plug:MIC input 6.3mm Jack、 music RCA、XLRoutput、2*16 LCD display screen
●Dimension:W48.2mm * D17mm * H44mm

Supply ability

5000.0 Piece per month

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 42-56 Day
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