Product Specifications :

  • 【Model Number】Q275
  • 【Usage】Outdoor
  • 【Brand Name】TIANPENG
FOB Reference Price
US $ 500.00 | >=1 Piece
  • --

Product description

The product is used in STADIUM and is membrane structure. The general name of membrane structure can be subdivided according to its nature: skeleton membrane, tensioning membrane, inflatable membrane, tent membrane, and indoor membrane. Skeleton membrane: skeleton membrane, as its name suggests, is the use of special alloy molding to build the general framework of the membrane structure building, and covered with special membrane materials.This kind of membrane building generally has a large area and a high cost to build the framework. But it has a long service life, with a certain degree of wind resistance and earthquake resistance. Tensioning membrane: it is said in the industry that tensioning membrane building generally includes the above five membrane building. Tensioning membrane is divided into a small class here, because it has the following characteristics: The main frame of tensioning membrane building is not limited to the inner layer of membrane, and the structure is simpler than that of skeleton membrane, whose construction is more convenient and faster.

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