PAC ( Spray drying polyaluminium chloride)

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Product description

The characteristics of spray drying PAC depend on the operation principle of pressure sprays. Spray type polyaluminum chloride is atomized into tiny particles at the same time of drying, and this granule type has good application performance. Polyaluminium chloride is a water-soluble substance with good thermal stability and high solubility. In the drying process, 40-50% aluminium chloride solution is inhaled into a high-pressure pump. After pressurization, it is atomized into an atomizer in the dryer and dispersed into tiny droplets. After the droplets are dried, granular products are obtained, which can be dried and manufactured. The granules are completed at the same time.
Product uses:
The adaptable PH ranges from 5.0 to 9.0, and the optimum PH ranges from 6.5 to 7.6.
1. It can be applied to the treatment of river, lake and groundwater.
2. It can be applied to the treatment of industrial water and industrial circulating water.
3. It can be applied to the treatment of wastewater.
4. It can be applied to the recovery of coal mine scouring wastewater and ceramic industry wastewater.
5. It can be used in printing, dyeing, leather, brewery, meat processing, pharmaceutical, paper mill, coal washing, metallurgy, mining areas, and the treatment of wastewater containing fluorine, oil and heavy metals.
6. It can be used for wrinkle resistance of leather and cloth.
7. It can be used in cement solidification and mould casting.
8. It can be used in the refining of pharmaceuticals, glycerol and sugars.
9. It can be used as a good catalyst.
10. It can be used for paper bonding.
Water insoluble substance
PAC-01 (white powder, spray drying)
Drinking Water, Paper Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetics Assistance
PAC-02 yellowish powder, spray drying
Drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment
PAC-03 yellow powder, drum drying
Drinking Water Treatment, Industrial Wastewater and Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Application methods:
Users can determine the optimum dosage according to different water quality and different terrain by testing the concentration of reagents.
1. The liquid product can be put in directly or diluted. Solid products need to be dissolved and diluted before being put in. Please determine the amount of diluted water according to the quality and quantity of products to be treated. The dilution ratio of solid products is 2-20% and that of liquid products is 5-50% (according to weight).
2. The dosage of liquid products is 3-40 g/ton, and that of solid products is 1-15 g/ton. The specific dosage is based on flocculation test and experiment.
3. the spray acidity of poly aluminum chloride is lower than other inorganic flocculants.
The difference between spray polyaluminium chloride and roller polyaluminum chloride production process is:
Spray drying:
Liquid material -- pressure filtration -- spray tower spray drying -- finished products
Drum drying:
Liquid raw materials - placing - drum drying - finished products
Different synthetic costs:
Spray drying products have high stability, wide adaptation to waters, fast hydrolysis speed, strong absorbency, quick and large flocculation formation, low turbidity and super dehydration. For the same water quality, spray drying products are less than other products, especially for high pollution water quality, spray drying products only need half of the drum drying product consumption, not only reduce labor intensity, but also reduce the cost of customers. In addition, spray drying products will not cause pollution if they are put too much. It can avoid accidents and ensure the safety of drinking water quality.
Indicator Name
Indicators of polyaluminium chloride GB15892-2009
Mass fraction of alumina (AL2O3)/%>
Density (20 C)/(g/cm3)>
- -
The mass fraction of insoluble matter is less than or equal to
PH value (10g/L aqueous solution)
The mass fraction of arsenic (AS)/%<
Mass fraction of lead (Pb)/%<
The mass fraction of cadmium (Cd)/%<
The mass fraction of mercury (Hg)/%<
Mass fraction of hexavalent chromium (Cr+5)/%<
Note: As, Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr+5 intolerance indicators listed in the table are calculated according to AL2O3 10%. When the content of AL2O3 is more than 10%, the impurity indicators should be calculated according to the actual content of AL2O3 10%.

Supply ability

100.0 Ton per day

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Lead time : 1-30 Day
Packaging details: Indiviually packing

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